The Tiny Building Where 285,000 Businesses are Based

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Written by Adam Chase


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  • Lebrone James

    Lebrone James

    2 ditë më parë

    Why did you feel the need to stretch out the video length with your unfunny jokes ?

  • --


    23 ditë më parë

    Which monster would try to sell a HAI shirt instead of worshipping it

  • Capitalist Pig

    Capitalist Pig

    6 muaj më parë

    Delaware also has the Court of Chancery that provides expedited business proceedings.

  • Gaming, music and jokes! *and a bit of cooking*

    Gaming, music and jokes! *and a bit of cooking*

    6 muaj më parë

    *Nick Wilde from Zootopia has joined the chat*

  • Dawn V

    Dawn V

    7 muaj më parë

    Tax evasion is illegal. Tax avoidance is legal.

  • Kevin Cronk
    Kevin Cronk20 orë më parë

    I live in Virginia and go to maryland for most summer vacations, near the Delaware border. There's almost no stores on the maryland side of the border, then as soon as you enter Delaware they're everywhere. Those corporations, with what little taxes they do pay to Delaware, enable them to charge no sales tax and other types of taxes so it's great for the people there too

  • Fif0l
    Fif0l2 ditë më parë

    Simile is a type of metaphor. Cheers.

  • TBN Revoled
    TBN Revoled2 ditë më parë

    North North western Dakota gang

  • Hobbes
    Hobbes2 ditë më parë

    In Europe we call that Luxembourg

  • Austin Pinheiro
    Austin Pinheiro4 ditë më parë

    that skillshare taxes cource sounds nice but i dont like in america

  • jjcoola998
    jjcoola9987 ditë më parë

    The writers like wait that’s our sense of humor... until tax season

  • Ronald Vallenduuk
    Ronald Vallenduuk7 ditë më parë

    Would love to see a picture of the room with the 285.000 mailboxes...

  • Ashley none of yo business
    Ashley none of yo business9 ditë më parë

    Yet all those companies are Democrats that want you to pay more taxes 🙃

  • NihilistTeddy3
    NihilistTeddy312 ditë më parë

    Lol. I'm watching in 2021 when former vice president Joe Biden is 9 days away from being president lol

  • typograf62
    typograf6212 ditë më parë

    What happens outside Delaware, stays in Delaware.

  • Alon Lavy
    Alon Lavy13 ditë më parë

    1:14 President Elect Biden

  • Jamie McCabe
    Jamie McCabe13 ditë më parë

    Actually Boden is now officially the president

  • Drumkommandr
    Drumkommandr15 ditë më parë

    so... we gonna go change this now?

  • Charles De Wit
    Charles De Wit16 ditë më parë

    In Europe there is something akin to this; it's called De Zuidas in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • junit483
    junit48317 ditë më parë

    That should be fraud.

  • Muriyyah Beard
    Muriyyah Beard17 ditë më parë

    Delaware doesn’t have sales tax either

  • Sean Bennington
    Sean Bennington17 ditë më parë

    *Sees* *thumbnail* Is it Delaware?

  • NineEyeRon
    NineEyeRon17 ditë më parë

    Ross also didn’t think of Delaware

  • Ryan Carr
    Ryan Carr17 ditë më parë

    I’m not a fan of the dry humor.

  • Addison Neal
    Addison Neal18 ditë më parë

    Wow that joe Biden joke did not age well

  • Matthew Walker
    Matthew Walker18 ditë më parë

    You're going to need to update the Biden joke

  • hh1hana
    hh1hana18 ditë më parë

    I have to say, this channel has some of the most intelligent and profoundly hilarious humor and I truly appreciate it. I can watch a video about quite literally anything, no matter if I am interested in the topic or not. I will learn something and bust out laughing a dozen times and all that from one video. I love you, HAI!

  • Pierre Villemaire-Brooks
    Pierre Villemaire-Brooks21 ditë më parë

    So the USA already has a fiscal paradise of sorts within its own borders , uh !

  • Slayerk7
    Slayerk722 ditë më parë

    I am from Delaware

  • Jinx Dragon
    Jinx Dragon25 ditë më parë

    While companies are paying Taxes *after* expenses, you have to pay taxes *before* expenses. Wonderful system we have set up here, isn't it?

  • Lights
    Lights26 ditë më parë


  • Frequently Cynical
    Frequently Cynical27 ditë më parë

    That's President ELECT Joe Biden to you............

  • Mr X
    Mr X28 ditë më parë

    I would like to know a little more about this giraffe company of yours, do you sell in bulk and what kind of deals do you have? 🤔

  • Because Of reasons lol
    Because Of reasons lolMuaj më parë


  • TheDark Dragon
    TheDark DragonMuaj më parë

    thid didnt age well either. former vp is now the p

  • XsimplycomplicatedXx
    XsimplycomplicatedXxMuaj më parë

    That Joe Biden joke aged beautifully

  • Ae Norist
    Ae NoristMuaj më parë

    Historical artefacts, like former vice president joe biden. Well that one aged real well :D

  • Equinoxxed_


    Muaj më parë

    Aged like fine milk!

  • AutismAirsoft
    AutismAirsoftMuaj më parë

    I fail to see a problem with this

    PRISON-ELECT BIDENMuaj më parë

    or a few dozen U.s. senators ... lmao too accurate

  • Joshua
    JoshuaMuaj më parë

    And I thought this video was about the building were all the patent trolls have offices right across from a Texas courthouse. (Now that make a good video. Or maybe you already have that video.)

  • Tabitha Johnson
    Tabitha JohnsonMuaj më parë

    The Biden joke aged well :)

  • 16-Bit Bernie
    16-Bit BernieMuaj më parë

    Corporate taxes need to be raised in Delaware!

  • Paul Starr
    Paul StarrMuaj më parë

    Why are you treating your subscribers like idiots almost every goddam person in the United States knows that Delaware is the home of most corporations dam Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back by trying to feel smarter than everybody else

  • Jegge
    JeggeMuaj më parë

    2:38 *the last one is actually east northeast dakota

  • Jegge
    JeggeMuaj më parë

    1:15 i can't tell if he actually think that that's joe biden

  • Eugene Crabs08
    Eugene Crabs08Muaj më parë

    *former Vice President Joe Biden*

  • Kitten master
    Kitten masterMuaj më parë

    The giraffe as interesting is hilarious

  • Tyler Justice
    Tyler JusticeMuaj më parë


  • Garden Chemistry
    Garden ChemistryMuaj më parë

    Yeah former vicepresident Joe Biden

  • Nicolas Carigi
    Nicolas CarigiMuaj më parë

    Anyone watching noticing President-Elect Joe Biden

  • TP
    TPMuaj më parë

    Biden helped make Delaware a corporate haven. Change we can believe in.

  • Anmol Dhingra
    Anmol Dhingra2 muaj më parë

    1:15 "or former Vice-President Joe Biden" ehhh......

  • Mike Floyd
    Mike Floyd2 muaj më parë


  • Ramkumar Suresh N V
    Ramkumar Suresh N V2 muaj më parë

    @1:15 Democrat voters want to know your location.

  • Medusa Skull
    Medusa Skull2 muaj më parë

    Why only 285000? Why not more, or all? It makes things much easier. NJ government will buy the building and they will all pay NJ tax.

  • ihathtelekinesis
    ihathtelekinesis2 muaj më parë


  • Alexandra Bryngelsson
    Alexandra Bryngelsson2 muaj më parë

    When I worked as a nobody programer at a big law firm for one year this is basically what I learned.

  • Keegabyte
    Keegabyte2 muaj më parë

    "Former Vice President, Joe Biden." Well this didn't age well.

  • Reddit Snoo #3583

    Reddit Snoo #3583

    17 orë më parë

    President now.



    14 ditë më parë

    Is he not the former vice president?

  • I Am Arizonaball

    I Am Arizonaball

    Muaj më parë

    Everything inside the dome is the capital. And the outside is bordered by those two states

  • I Am Arizonaball

    I Am Arizonaball

    Muaj më parë

    Joe Biden should put a dome over Washington dc

  • Jarno Heikkinen

    Jarno Heikkinen

    Muaj më parë

    @Thomas Bond President-elect now and president starting from January

  • Jiaxi hao
    Jiaxi hao2 muaj më parë

    centro dekota?

  • David String
    David String2 muaj më parë

    I think about Delaware all the time. No sales tax

  • Coach Ken Fischer
    Coach Ken Fischer2 muaj më parë

    Watching this video after the election and he might be more than the ex Vice President now🥵

  • Kieran Davidson-Blake
    Kieran Davidson-Blake2 muaj më parë

    Needs change the part about biden, not just the former vice-president

  • 邱煜恩
    邱煜恩2 muaj më parë

    1:15 Former vice president Joe Biden. -11/9/2020

  • Jaden Wells
    Jaden Wells2 muaj më parë

    Former vice President Joe Biden, so yeah about that

  • I USE
    I USE2 muaj më parë

    Former vice president joe biden 👀

  • JebSL Highlights
    JebSL Highlights2 muaj më parë

    Former vice president Joe Biden? Well, not exactly former and not exactly vice

  • Liel Goldshtein
    Liel Goldshtein2 muaj më parë


  • Liel Goldshtein
    Liel Goldshtein2 muaj më parë

    You mean former home of the current president

  • Pardeep Singh XA

    Pardeep Singh XA

    2 muaj më parë

    Yes 😂

  • Colby
    Colby2 muaj më parë

    “Former Vice-President Joe Biden” lol

  • Fidel Jr.
    Fidel Jr.2 muaj më parë

    *President-Elect Joe Biden

  • Benjamin Maden
    Benjamin Maden2 muaj më parë

    Soon to be President Joe Biden. ALL VOTES MATTER

  • Kangaroos Eat Cheddar
    Kangaroos Eat Cheddar2 muaj më parë

    Work on your metaphors? Ha, you mean work on your similes, because you used the word “like”

  • Jordan Broly
    Jordan Broly3 muaj më parë

    Amazing what businesses can get way with, where as a thousandth of similar acts will get the common bloke buried. Horrendous

  • Kaarolis
    Kaarolis3 muaj më parë

    Why did you choose the background of Lithuania, Vilnius at 03:39? Since I am from Vilnius, I felt very surprised haha.

  • Sterlin Silver
    Sterlin Silver3 muaj më parë

    Woo! Delaware represented! Shout out to all my fellow Delawarians!

  • Colin J
    Colin J3 muaj më parë

    The person who is running the mail service is a genius!

  • DJ Figliola
    DJ Figliola3 muaj më parë

    Here is the other thing no sales tax

  • DJ Figliola
    DJ Figliola3 muaj më parë

    This why Delaware is best state my fellow Delawareans represent

  • Alex G
    Alex G3 muaj më parë

    How dare you mistake Captain America for that Alzheimer's affected old fool

  • dead prsn
    dead prsn3 muaj më parë

    4:49 this will not make the debate tonight.

  • dead prsn
    dead prsn3 muaj më parë

    3:55 this wont be brought up tonight - by either the bleeding heart liberal who wants to "help main st" and the business genius - who couldn't find time to change that during the first four years.

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept04 muaj më parë

    0:10 funny you mention that first, I've got a few right now..

  • Polb
    Polb4 muaj më parë

    Based? Based on what?

  • colin bradley
    colin bradley4 muaj më parë

    Lol I lived on Orange Street for 2 years!

  • colin bradley
    colin bradley4 muaj më parë

    From personal experience, personal income tax in Delaware is an absolute bitch.

  • Justin Time 422
    Justin Time 4224 muaj më parë

    So what your saying is those 250k + business pay almost 0 taxes but yet we pay a 1/10 of the item in taxes? I forgot it is 2020

  • Jon Geary
    Jon Geary4 muaj më parë

    I would like a giraffe. Can you tell me where your nearest uk store is 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Walts P.
    Walts P.4 muaj më parë

    Giraffe As Interesting Oh it's GAI

  • shoredude2
    shoredude24 muaj më parë

    The other reason why Delaware is popular with companies is the Delaware Court of Chancery. In most states, if a company would want to sue another company it would have to do it in regular courts by regular judges. The Court of Chancery and its judges specialize in corporate law. If you were going solely on taxes, corporations would register in Nevada where taxes are slightly less than Delaware. But the corporations choose Delaware so they can use the Court of Chancery.

  • KiRaShi KReaTiVe
    KiRaShi KReaTiVe4 muaj më parë

    Ah yes, the Delaware Loophole, also known as legalized fraud.

  • Jessica Woolloff
    Jessica Woolloff4 muaj më parë

    I'm watching for the first time exactly one year after it went up!!!

  • Malingsher
    Malingsher4 muaj më parë

    Based on what?

  • TheSetNyne
    TheSetNyne4 muaj më parë

    The Dakotas joke at 2:32 made me laugh hard and I dont know why.

  • bristoled93
    bristoled934 muaj më parë

    I learnt from this video that........ Giraffe's tongue's are creepy.

  • Rennz Nathaniel Camu
    Rennz Nathaniel Camu4 muaj më parë

    What if they charge 1 dollar per month

  • Justin Fowich
    Justin Fowich5 muaj më parë

    Before watching this, I thought it was going to be about the UPS store.

  • James Evans
    James Evans5 muaj më parë

    your hypothetical giraffe business is selling giraffes at $24,234 each which is extremely cheap since the average price of a giraffe is $60,000 mean you hypothetical business is selling giraffes 59.69% cheaper than the the average cost

  • Pratic M
    Pratic M5 muaj më parë

    Delawalruses 🤣 sry to the people who live there but it was really funny

  • gabojill19
    gabojill195 muaj më parë

    How is this not fraud?

  • Kas S
    Kas S5 muaj më parë

    I know Full Stop Management (Jeff Azoff's (Harry Styles manager) company is in Delaware. Its not at that address though. Its at 160 GREENTREE DR STE 101, DOVER, Kent, DE, 19904. I'm guessing its another building that does the same for businesses. I googled the address up and this pops up first. Its not the CT people.

  • Chief Solitude Guard
    Chief Solitude Guard5 muaj më parë


  • Luke Goli
    Luke Goli5 muaj më parë

    Based. Based on what?

  • Robert Tanksley
    Robert Tanksley5 muaj më parë

    This nigga Segway like a boss

  • Timothy Peterson
    Timothy Peterson5 muaj më parë

    Them: Nine and a half-billion dollars. Me: That's all? Who cares.

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