How a Grandma Broke All of Armenia's Internet

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  • Half as Interesting
    Half as Interesting8 muaj më parë

    QUICK! Before Hayastan breaks your country's internet, submit all the HAI topic ideas you have here. That way, we'll still be able to snail-mail you an HAI t-shirt (if we use your topic) so you can look great in the post-internet wasteland:

  • krisshna peswani peswani

    krisshna peswani peswani

    Muaj më parë

    How does ALthe make a profit

  • Nunya Biznas

    Nunya Biznas

    Muaj më parë

    Hai boi’s

  • TheoLuka AGS

    TheoLuka AGS

    Muaj më parë

    1st thing: i don't know what/who is Hayastan 2nd thing: i'm from Brazil

  • Davit Isahakyan

    Davit Isahakyan

    2 muaj më parë

    Did you know Hayastan means Armenia in armenian

  • Yoinker Man

    Yoinker Man

    2 muaj më parë

    Also the 100th comment

  • Donald and Douglas
    Donald and DouglasDitë më parë

    "What are you in here for" "Cutting Armenia's internet for 12 hours"

  • Abdullah Rizvi
    Abdullah Rizvi5 ditë më parë

    Maybe grandma was tired of Half As Interesting's Nebula/Curiosity Stream plug! That she picked up the Pliers and took matter in her own hands!

  • alveolate hermeneutist
    alveolate hermeneutist5 ditë më parë

    wtf they arrested her... and?? how could you end on the grandmother of cliffhangers like this! also, i'd place some blame on the people who installed the cable. if a grandma with a shovel can get to it, pretty sure some burrowing animals or just straight up fire ants would eventually get there too. it seems common sense to at least encase the cable in some sort of concrete casing (it's cheap enough to destroy and recast if there is a need to access the cable; but strong enough to withstand nature and grandmas). i mean, it's right next to railway tracks... are they just waiting for a tragic railway accident to happen... which would then be compounded by the weird secondary tragedy of disrupting armenia's internet? lastly, internet security suddenly takes on new meaning. i wonder how many countries have their access funnelled thru choke points like these... might be a way to sabotage them if any neighbours get disgruntled.

  • Duck Smeller
    Duck Smeller5 ditë më parë

    Wait, Armenia has internet?

  • Impossible_Fishy
    Impossible_Fishy6 ditë më parë

    She really thought it was a good idea to take copper from a wire

  • Zian04
    Zian047 ditë më parë

    Wait WhAt

  • cartridgeanimates
    cartridgeanimates7 ditë më parë

    3:51 this is funny because my birthday is on March 28 XD

    Marcus VELJANOVSKI9 ditë më parë


  • Thomas farquhar
    Thomas farquhar14 ditë më parë

    Grandma: ooh cable *cuts* Entirety of Armenia: *Windows XP shutdown sound*

  • Áron Kovács
    Áron Kovács14 ditë më parë

    And nobody cares about the old lady? She just wanted to make a bit money😭

  • kilgarragh
    kilgarragh16 ditë më parë


    ETHAN OS17 ditë më parë

    My mom when I don’t pause the online game:

  • - Quinitaz
    - Quinitaz17 ditë më parë

    Its actually quite sad that a grandma got arrested because she didn't know how the internet worked.

  • sohp4kee
    sohp4kee18 ditë më parë

    Ok my hometown gets mentioned somewhere. Thats it. Nothing left to live for

  • Ant
    Ant21 ditë më parë

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that they arrested an old lady because she didn't know what she was doing

  • Kristian Hristakiev
    Kristian Hristakiev22 ditë më parë

    2:07 A1 (I'm from Bulgaria btw)

  • Ridge
    Ridge25 ditë më parë

    I think that's terabits per second, not terabytes

  • Tompok Channel
    Tompok Channel25 ditë më parë

    ..../celcom/ *insert more..*

  • YesButWellYes
    YesButWellYes26 ditë më parë

    Grandma: u want some more?

  • Pencil BFB
    Pencil BFB27 ditë më parë

    3:23 That means, if I upload a video, and if I have a Georgian viewer, its data will run through Armazi. Woah!

  • Ten Gigabit
    Ten GigabitMuaj më parë

    Super rare time that HAI needs correcting. At 1:55 you said "transmits as much as 12.6 TERABYTES per second" - Which, is incorrect. It transmits 12.6 TERABITS per second, and when converted to bytes is around 1.575 Terabytes per second. When talking about transfer speeds over a network (or, the internet), it is expressed in bits per second. Capital B = Byte; lower case b = bit.

  • Kacper wiechnik
    Kacper wiechnikMuaj më parë

    Bt is good wifi

  • nicole raphael
    nicole raphaelMuaj më parë

    the moral of the story is actually if you see a cable don't cut it or you might get in trouble

  • Odilia Villatoro
    Odilia VillatoroMuaj më parë


  • Tesla404
    Tesla404Muaj më parë


  • Timothy Geneston
    Timothy GenestonMuaj më parë

    "Insert your hated wifi provider here" Me and everyone in my country: PLDT

  • Alex Ochoa
    Alex OchoaMuaj më parë


  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooterMuaj më parë

    The moral of the story... Don't dig up and cut random cables!

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooterMuaj më parë

    I mean, that's an excellent solution of how to run the cable

  • Shai Gilula
    Shai GilulaMuaj më parë

    Poor lady she was arrested for nothing she is just poor :( people just don't get it

  • Spice
    SpiceMuaj më parë

    Grandma, grandma nooooooo

  • Catat
    CatatMuaj më parë

    For a second i thought you spelled America wrong for one sec

  • アカウント
    アカウントMuaj më parë


  • Solen
    SolenMuaj më parë

    y u not verified

  • BlazeStorm
    BlazeStormMuaj më parë

    That railway + cable is absolutely brilliant wow

  • altgenesis
    altgenesisMuaj më parë

    Why arrest her? Just explain to her what she did and she wouldn't do it again. The ones' that buried the cable botched the job. They should be penalized.

  • Milkman
    MilkmanMuaj më parë

    *ok boomer* Grandma:

  • Mina Nawabi
    Mina NawabiMuaj më parë


  • Typnickman
    TypnickmanMuaj më parë

    4:55 it’s not Georgian police but Ukrainian

  • TEQ Snukka
    TEQ SnukkaMuaj më parë

    Internet Armenian Troll : "HA! i just pawned your a$$, bidch!!" Grandma : "Hold my tea."

  • Samuel
    SamuelMuaj më parë

    Haha telstra. Lol

    PARTH PATELMuaj më parë

    Bah we have jio and airtel 😂

  • Allan Grey
    Allan GreyMuaj më parë

    "what's the moral of the story" don't go around with a shovel digging up pieces of land you don't own, and cutting underground mystery cables you most definitely don't own.

  • certified multidisaster
    certified multidisasterMuaj më parë

    the funniest thing is that the grandma wasn't even armenian

  • Triplemania
    Triplemania2 muaj më parë

    Noise to sound ratio just a wee bit too high

  • _ BaconDoggo _
    _ BaconDoggo _2 muaj më parë

    Armenian grandmas are powerful. First they make sou beoreg. Then they cut off a country’s internet

  • John Zheng
    John Zheng2 muaj më parë

    12.6Tbps is 12.6 Terabit per second, not terabyte...

  • John R
    John R2 muaj më parë

    Kinda messed up that they arrested her for that. Poor and scavenging for metal.

  • __
    __2 muaj më parë

    What goes around, comes around. The telegraph and phone lines followed the railroads.. now the fibreoptic lines are following the same pattern over a century later!

  • Fox
    Fox2 muaj më parë

    Nebula looked interesting until you kept talking about all the way through the video

  • ItsCasper
    ItsCasper2 muaj më parë

    Grandma be like "you kids play too much video games!" *cuts wire*

    MASTER QUACK2 muaj më parë

    Those damn boomers

  • AnimationArts
    AnimationArts2 muaj më parë

    How did they catch the perpetrator

  • Daniel Buhler
    Daniel Buhler2 muaj më parë

    los beneficios de movistar

  • Ryder Tom
    Ryder Tom2 muaj më parë

    Moral of the story: don’t fuck with random cables you find in the woods

  • nicourousler
    nicourousler2 muaj më parë

    Never heard of Mobile Data?!?

  • N0LifeRada


    2 muaj më parë

    this happened in 2011 in a not that advanced country, you think they had mobile data at this time?

  • randomguy379
    randomguy3792 muaj më parë

    Happens daily.

  • Ziggyzaggy 300
    Ziggyzaggy 3002 muaj më parë

    My grandma trying to download and print a recipe:

  • Wani Mudabir
    Wani Mudabir2 muaj më parë

    I am from armazi and I know this lady 🥰

  • jana gado
    jana gado2 muaj më parë

    the highlight of the entire vedio is "no..."

  • Rama vishnu
    Rama vishnu2 muaj më parë

    What video takes an hour for half as interesting to upload these videos I live in Asia and it only takes 3-5 minutes here to upload these kind of video

  • Nico Bambino
    Nico Bambino2 muaj më parë

    Damm, the Internet Lumberjack would be proud

  • Angry Citizen of Reddit
    Angry Citizen of Reddit2 muaj më parë

    Uh oh big boomers

  • Frost Byte
    Frost Byte2 muaj më parë

    I like how everybody struggles to speak georgian xDDDD but srsly tho, its very interesting. Thank you. წარმატებები :D (im also a georgian viewer)

  • Pencil BFB

    Pencil BFB

    27 ditë më parë

    Everybody struggles to speak Georgian. Then why not mass-introduce the Latin alphabet? Just like Romaji in Japan, Georgia should also have its "romanized" writing system.

  • Ayush Lohumi
    Ayush Lohumi2 muaj më parë

    Ok so how many of you first read America ?

  • Starry
    Starry2 muaj më parë

    My school had a book about a similar situation to this, idk if it was the same but it went something like this: “There was a farmer woman in Armenia who dug up a cable in her farmland and the internet went down in Armenia blah blah blah” sorry if it’s vague, it was a while ago since we were all in school so I don’t really remember.

  • Rafart
    Rafart2 muaj më parë

    In Urdu Poti means poop.

  • Blaze YT
    Blaze YT2 muaj më parë

    Im freaking jealous that the area internet speeds upto 12 terabits of data, ours is just 20kilobits of data in our city in Philippines

  • Shubham Shrestha
    Shubham Shrestha2 muaj më parë

    People of Armenia are gonna be mad if this again happens in 2020

  • TIk TOKE yoyo
    TIk TOKE yoyo2 muaj më parë

    Narration is making this video boooring, humour used feels like interruption, make it more serious, atleast so we can be interested, Topics are interested

    ANONYMOUS DZAB2 muaj më parë

    You should be a politician

  • Narek Okroyan
    Narek Okroyan2 muaj më parë

    Am Armenian, can confirm

  • Mansoor Ahmed
    Mansoor Ahmed2 muaj më parë

    2:07 zain (Saudi Arabia )

  • zacc
    zacc2 muaj më parë

    Does no one else feel bad that the confused broke babushka got arrested

  • Armazi
    Armazi2 muaj më parë

    well shit

  • Dan
    Dan2 muaj më parë


  • abhi adsul
    abhi adsul2 muaj më parë

    It was Company's fault who laid down the cables which could be easily dug out & damaged by anyone...A Faulty Design.

  • Rap Face Monster

    Rap Face Monster

    2 muaj më parë

    Yeah, I feel bad for the grandma, she was already poor and just wants to make money, now she's arrested and in jail until when?

  • Mane
    Mane2 muaj më parë

    Gotta say, that lake looks more like a Victory I Class Star Destroyer to me.

  • Humane Peopleperson
    Humane Peopleperson2 muaj më parë

    who read this thinking it was america in 2020 /:

  • Zahler Bazaar
    Zahler Bazaar3 muaj më parë

    This shoulda been a 12 second video.

  • medgang
    medgang3 muaj më parë


  • Claaaaaarence! bring me my oatmeal!
    Claaaaaarence! bring me my oatmeal!3 muaj më parë

    Yes, it's great that there are two Georgias and two Vermonts, but I wanna know about the grandma.

  • The Skies Have Fallen
    The Skies Have Fallen3 muaj më parë

    I love that a small Village in the middle of nowhere has reliable internet yet I, in the largest Tourist Town in the State of Tennessee, have none. Seriously, not a single freaking provider, even satellite, at my house...

  • Spurdo Sparde
    Spurdo Sparde3 muaj më parë

    This was like.. an eighth as interesting video

  • Bean
    Bean3 muaj më parë

    DIE TELSTRA! -Kind regards, Australia

  • Jacob M.
    Jacob M.3 muaj më parë

    People Who DDos: I fear no man. But that thing, One Armenian Grandma DDosers: It scares me.

  • Mateo Rios
    Mateo Rios3 muaj më parë

    2:05 /VTR

  • charmeleon evolves
    charmeleon evolves3 muaj më parë

    I'll do the same thing but I won't have kids so I can't be called a grandpa

  • supplanter
    supplanter3 muaj më parë

    Get to the damn point...

  • eliopez
    eliopez3 muaj më parë


  • Manuel J. Herrera
    Manuel J. Herrera3 muaj më parë

    Your product placement is clever but kinda annoying too. I would prefer you do the same (to avoid skipping) but at the beginning, at the end is like GOT final episode: it ruins the whole video.

  • B Quinlan
    B Quinlan3 muaj më parë

    The first 40 seconds, of the video your can do without

  • Yoga Mokalu
    Yoga Mokalu3 muaj më parë

    4:13 Lol I laugh too hard to this, I wake up the neighbor.

  • a4d
    a4d3 muaj më parë

    Ima Georgian viewer

  • TacoNiteSupreme
    TacoNiteSupreme3 muaj më parë

    When grandma tries using a pc

  • 28likeyou
    28likeyou3 muaj më parë

    I dont want Nebula and CuriosityStream! I dont want.....No!

  • The_Epic_Creeper_M8
    The_Epic_Creeper_M83 muaj më parë

    Really? She got arrested? Poor grandma U_u

  • migytu
    migytu3 muaj më parë

    The most ironic of this situation is that the Grandma was Armenian. Even more, her name, Hayastan translates as Armenia 😆🤣

  • CarlWheezer
    CarlWheezer3 muaj më parë

    yo im from the neighborhood vermont in Australia

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