Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

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  • Half as Interesting
    Half as Interesting6 muaj më parë

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  • DanAtuch


    Ditë më parë

    Me watching the intro as a Russian: 😏

  • YO steeven

    YO steeven

    3 ditë më parë

    Half as Interesting i was wondering if you, by any means had the souces that were used to make this video since this particular topic of you videos is really interesting to me, hope i'm not too anoying. thanks!

  • MJA


    8 ditë më parë

    no verbs in that!

  • Aotearoa Aviation

    Aotearoa Aviation

    23 ditë më parë

    Bricks bricks bricks bricks

  • David T

    David T

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  • SwedishBall AnyThing
    SwedishBall AnyThingOrë më parë

    Welsh : cwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwycwy , cwycwycwy English : who is to be of course to the baby

  • Numb Nutz
    Numb Nutz19 orë më parë

    Skillshare skillshare skillshare skillshare Skillshare skillshare. That has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Just what watching videos on ALthe sounds like now.

  • • Naetilus •
    • Naetilus •21 orë më parë

    I’m not natively English speaking and even I picked up on the first sentence

  • RudolfMaster
    RudolfMasterDitë më parë


  • Farel AK
    Farel AKDitë më parë

    Police police police police police police.

  • Alexveer Dhinsa
    Alexveer Dhinsa2 ditë më parë

    I did pick up on it when you said "Mor people have gone to Russia then I have..." so...

  • Jacob Playz
    Jacob Playz4 ditë më parë


  • NicularStar
    NicularStar4 ditë më parë

    Police police Police police Police police Police police.

  • Douglas Fahrenholz
    Douglas Fahrenholz5 ditë më parë

    Check with a native speaker how to pronounce the Chinese word before saying it.

  • Stephen Gust
    Stephen Gust6 ditë më parë


  • nascar malccy
    nascar malccy6 ditë më parë

    Buffalooooooooo buffalo buffalo buffalo oof oof oof oof oof

  • Ashutosh Tilak
    Ashutosh Tilak7 ditë më parë

    Brick brick brick brick brick brick brick brick brick brick brick brick

  • Spengbab
    Spengbab7 ditë më parë

    this reminds me of this german video i saw a while ago althe.info/number/zXqXYq6arGSgltA/video

  • Jake Averson
    Jake Averson7 ditë më parë

    ah yes, this topic is intresting please do more.

  • Maximilian Murphy
    Maximilian Murphy8 ditë më parë

    thrown the computer at the intern 2:36

  • Maximilian Murphy
    Maximilian Murphy8 ditë më parë

    im big brain

  • Marcus H
    Marcus H8 ditë më parë

    I thought this was like a scam like wow

  • R - G - C
    R - G - C8 ditë më parë

    More people have commented than I have

  • MJA
    MJA8 ditë më parë

    K, but what has the title got to do with the video?

  • Cyan Aqua
    Cyan Aqua9 ditë më parë

    buffalo doesn't sound like a word anymore ._.

  • Chase Toyama
    Chase Toyama10 ditë më parë

    Sam, your videos are nonsense. I love it.

  • Seth Adrien Rocks Roblox
    Seth Adrien Rocks Roblox10 ditë më parë

    Was was was before was was is, was was

  • Seth Adrien Rocks Roblox
    Seth Adrien Rocks Roblox10 ditë më parë

    Was was was, was was was was?

  • Jamie McCabe
    Jamie McCabe10 ditë më parë

    Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo

  • Dodge Gaming Official
    Dodge Gaming Official10 ditë më parë

    My dude just had a stroke on the crtl v keys

  • South Georgia
    South Georgia11 ditë më parë

    „Nach Fliegen fliegen Fliegen fliegen Fliegen fliegen Fliegen.“ is a correct sentence in german. It's also very confusing in englisch, meaning "Behind flies, there fly flies, there fly flies, there fly flies."

  • pSeries
    pSeries11 ditë më parë

    search buffalo

  • Judah Mwania
    Judah Mwania11 ditë më parë

    Who else actually caught the terribleness of that way more people have been to russia than I have sentence before he brought it up

  • Zach plays cities skylines
    Zach plays cities skylines11 ditë më parë

    as soon as the buffering came up my computer buffered

  • Cliche _
    Cliche _12 ditë më parë

    "Some kind of amish funeral or something?" Me with amish... entire town: ...

  • Cliche _
    Cliche _12 ditë më parë

    I knew exactly what the title meant when i saw it.

  • Antonio Diaz
    Antonio Diaz13 ditë më parë

    Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

  • Zihan Zheng
    Zihan Zheng14 ditë më parë

    I actually noticed that the sentence youve mentioned at the beginning doesnt make sense... Does that mean im Big Brain?

  • Blackwolf100 Revolution
    Blackwolf100 Revolution14 ditë më parë

    that reminds me of the ton ton ton ton ton ton ton meme

  • roux man
    roux man14 ditë më parë

    who clicked on this video because of the title

  • Adexitel
    Adexitel14 ditë më parë

    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

  • Triangle Studios
    Triangle Studios14 ditë më parë

    I hate when I read, read as read them I have too re read it as read

  • blueskiess
    blueskiess14 ditë më parë

    title: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo 740,000 people: *interesting*

  • Kyler Gingery
    Kyler Gingery14 ditë më parë

    I noticed that the Russia sentence was wrong

  • Matthew Francis
    Matthew Francis14 ditë më parë

    Anyone else hear that sentence and be like that makes no sense. Im not a big dum dum :D

  • Random Planet
    Random Planet14 ditë më parë

    "One won one one one" - Prince Charles.

  • mko
    mko14 ditë më parë

    buffalo are planes

  • ACD VlogZ
    ACD VlogZ14 ditë më parë

    comment comment comment comment

  • Evan and Ray
    Evan and Ray15 ditë më parë

    wow, i actually live in a place called buffalo

  • Angeloue
    Angeloue15 ditë më parë

    the title was like roblox's catalog lol

  • BVDtwentyseven
    BVDtwentyseven16 ditë më parë

    4:01 i felt the video here

  • California Panda
    California Panda16 ditë më parë

    Am I the only one who didn’t pick up on the whole “More people have been to Russia than I have.” thing?

  • Orange Creamsicle
    Orange Creamsicle16 ditë më parë

    You think you're funny huh? Well I can do it do Orange orange orange orange, Orange Orange orange orange

  • Marc Pilit
    Marc Pilit16 ditë më parë

    Comment comment Comment comment Comment comment Comment comment Comment comment Comment comment Comment comment Comment comment Comment comment

  • Jiwoo Park
    Jiwoo Park16 ditë më parë

    Ah yes, the video that screwed up the video 200 AI

  • All About Jude
    All About Jude16 ditë më parë

    Hi hi Hi hi Hi hi Hi hi.

  • WhishiWhooshi
    WhishiWhooshi16 ditë më parë

    Moral of the Video: English is fucked

  • Fitz the dragon
    Fitz the dragon16 ditë më parë

    When i heard the horse raced past the barn fell, I found the best way to say it would be "the horse raced past the barn AND fell"

  • California Panda

    California Panda

    16 ditë më parë

    That technically changes the meaning of the sentence, because it now indicates that the horse just raced past the barn and fell right after, while the original sentence could imply that the horse that had raced past the barn at any prior point in time fell.

  • Andy Brennan
    Andy Brennan17 ditë më parë

    I did lol

  • Someone
    Someone17 ditë më parë

    0:58 yes, yes I did and i was confused

  • Daniel Babaian
    Daniel Babaian17 ditë më parë

    Buffalo, New York

  • Akronox
    Akronox17 ditë më parë

    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

  • Gingersnxpp
    Gingersnxpp18 ditë më parë

    Filipinos: Ba ba ba ba? Ba ba ba

  • HelloFriendsI'mAProperYoutber_Я
    HelloFriendsI'mAProperYoutber_Я19 ditë më parë

    Shî shī shì shï she shë shî

  • AngelsOfGames
    AngelsOfGames19 ditë më parë

    You know I actually did catch onto the meaninglessness of the sentence I heard it and was like "wait wtf that literally means nothing"

  • Oscar Sandy
    Oscar Sandy19 ditë më parë

    I picked up that the sentence in the first minute of the video was wierd and didn't make any sense.

  • RiriPlayzz
    RiriPlayzz19 ditë më parë


  • Brady Redding
    Brady Redding20 ditë më parë

    I did actually think it was weird at 1:00 but I ignored it since you make a morning grammatical errors lmao

  • 05-13
    05-1320 ditë më parë

    And when was was was was was was

  • Ashy Baked BeanZ
    Ashy Baked BeanZ20 ditë më parë

    The horse sentence needs commas

  • Clay McGranahan
    Clay McGranahan20 ditë më parë

    Hai sounding like a Roblox clothing upload bot

  • banned
    banned21 ditë më parë

    Comment, comment = comment comment (comment) + comment_comment (comment.)

  • J. S.
    J. S.21 ditë më parë

    Yes, I did pick up that the Russia sentence was meaningless, thanks.

  • Dark Prism
    Dark Prism21 ditë më parë

    i spent the whole time thinking about that russia sentence until he talked about it :/

  • jbe Eatmon
    jbe Eatmon22 ditë më parë

    Buffalo x8.

  • Kaden Kandler
    Kaden Kandler22 ditë më parë

    When I clicked this video, I thought this guy just really likes buffalo.

  • MidnightSt
    MidnightSt22 ditë më parë

    "I think toilet paper should go in the under orientation" Is a perfectly meaningful sentence which I disagree with. The toilet paper should go in the over orientation.

  • Tuxedobird
    Tuxedobird22 ditë më parë

    I did pick up on the “More people have been to Russia than I have” thing, and now I’m gonna act like I’m better than those in the comments section for proving a ALther wrong, even if that’s stupid.

  • Ricardo Zwein
    Ricardo Zwein23 ditë më parë

    "You didn't pick up on that when I said it, did you?" Welll....Fuck, I did Guess I'm THIS bad at English lol

  • Oman11112
    Oman1111223 ditë më parë

    I'm from Buffalo, ny and only clicked on this video to see if my city was mentioned, not disappointed XD

  • Are you well? Do you have brain damage?
    Are you well? Do you have brain damage?23 ditë më parë

    I feel kinda smart for picking up on that non-sensible sentence.

  • Matteo Marcan
    Matteo Marcan24 ditë më parë

    Similar thing exists in Croatian language aswell: "Gore gore gore gore". It translates to: "Mountains up high burn worse".

  • Carlos Salvatierra
    Carlos Salvatierra24 ditë më parë

    Cocoa extracts.

  • SML24
    SML2424 ditë më parë

    Neil Cicierega: Buffalo buffalo buffalololololo

  • marcia machado
    marcia machado24 ditë më parë

    Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

  • FryingRonald
    FryingRonald24 ditë më parë

    U high?

  • Arsenal's holy child , The Boi
    Arsenal's holy child , The Boi24 ditë më parë


  • Ro Gaming
    Ro Gaming24 ditë më parë

    1:30 If everyone gets confused then it’s normal. Normal = Official meaning that if everyone mispelled the word 3 words ago then it’d change?

  • TheLepke2011
    TheLepke201124 ditë më parë

    LOL! I noticed that that sentence wasn't quite right on hearing it.

  • пошел на хуй
    пошел на хуй24 ditë më parë

    I realized the sentence was Off, but i didnt know why, does that make me smart

  • Steven Adams
    Steven Adams24 ditë më parë

    The blue spain architecturally queue because wednesday electrophoretically tip from a aloof revolver. ambiguous, physical quotation

  • mc neil arriola
    mc neil arriola24 ditë më parë

    Nice nice

  • bflo Charlie
    bflo Charlie24 ditë më parë

    Come to buffalo(new york) and freeze, freeze,freeze, freeze 🥶

  • PaulM68322
    PaulM6832225 ditë më parë

    There are no native buffalo in America, they're called Bison

  • King of Phantoms
    King of Phantoms25 ditë më parë

    0:55 Lier I thought about it when you first said it

  • Jude Damiani
    Jude Damiani25 ditë më parë

    Name: Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo 700k people: mmm yes intriguing

  • Epic Memer
    Epic Memer25 ditë më parë

    Those capital letters are messing with me

  • TheOriginalJphyper
    TheOriginalJphyper25 ditë më parë

    Fun fact: I have NEVER heard the word "buffalo" used as a verb except in that sentence. I still have doubts that it actually is a verb.

  • Team Sharpened
    Team Sharpened25 ditë më parë

    Fun fact 1: if you say fun fact people will read the comment Fun fact 2: fun facts are not fun Fun fact 3: you scrolled down for no reason Scroll down to see original comment Sooo this video is about... buffaloes???

  • BOIII3 Productions
    BOIII3 Productions25 ditë më parë

    reminds me of althe.info/number/3YTXeod8a3mNi5U/video, particularly althe.info/number/3YTXeod8a3mNi5U/video

  • You Go Slavia
    You Go Slavia25 ditë më parë


  • Jellyroll Jellyjinks
    Jellyroll Jellyjinks25 ditë më parë

    I actually did pick up on that sentence but I thought you just made a mistake, that’s right I’m writing about how smart I am in the ALthe comments

  • the bam bros
    the bam bros25 ditë më parë

    I thought he got hacked lol

  • Kristijan Madhukar
    Kristijan Madhukar25 ditë më parë


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