The American Town Ceded to Mexico in 1970

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  • Timothy Horner
    Timothy Horner6 orë më parë

    Well he managed to use every left wing anti white attitude in this short video

  • asi como vienes
    asi como vienes6 orë më parë

    I find several mexicans states in u.s !!

  • GizmoFromPizmo
    GizmoFromPizmo18 orë më parë

    Why do racists always have to ruin things? Noting that people were "white guys" when race had nothing to do with what happened is as racist as noting that they were "black guys". This is essentially a racist video and that's why I voted it, Thumbs Down. Stop your hating, dividing, and pretending to be holier than the rest of us, you hypocrite.

  • G Gregory
    G GregoryDitë më parë

    Great video, but, therefore, you must get a thesaurus.....

  • Danja Jeff
    Danja JeffDitë më parë

    That's pretty interesting. I live in Matamoros, Mexico with my wife. And I never knew this lol.

  • NoParticipationRibbons Ever
    NoParticipationRibbons EverDitë më parë

    "A bunch of white guys?" Way to pander. Lost a viewer.

  • Julio Villalon
    Julio Villalon2 ditë më parë


  • Orlando flores
    Orlando flores3 ditë më parë

    Like USA reply Mexico

  • maltacross1987
    maltacross19873 ditë më parë

    This could all be avoided Mexico become USA state you no you want to your people already proveing that by jumping the boarder lol.

  • Darlin Baca
    Darlin Baca4 ditë më parë

    So a negative racist comment about white people and capitalism. Way to be a bigot.

  • Pat Bateman
    Pat Bateman5 ditë më parë

    2:58 I think your inflation is way off haha

  • elmer higueros
    elmer higueros6 ditë më parë

    wait America is not the United states. AMERICA is the whole continent .The united states is only a country. with no name.

  • Depressito
    Depressito6 ditë më parë

    rio rico = rich river.

  • John sarab
    John sarab7 ditë më parë

    Imagine such a reasonable approach to the problem today! These days, we would have ton of White Ammo/camo dudes wandering around the area. One of the few times Mexico got a fair deal from the US

  • Its_kyle hello
    Its_kyle hello9 ditë më parë

    6:30 is the true ending haha

  • BesTexas
    BesTexas9 ditë më parë

    México got Rio Rico and the U.S. got all or part of Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Sounds fair.

  • Graham Rankin
    Graham Rankin10 ditë më parë

    There was another piece of land that changed sides because of the Rio Grande. A section of Mexico near El Paso ended up on the north side of the river (undeveloped) and a piece of US on south side. My dad worked for Texas & Pacific railroad then recently merged with Missouri - Pacific. They owned a switching and repair shop in that south parcel. Dad and I went to El Paso to survey T&P property that would be lost in summer 1963.

  • tanner loehr
    tanner loehr12 ditë më parë

    Trying to hard to be funny I cringed so hard. Except for the hiking enthusiast thing that was actually funny af

  • Ggdivhjkjl
    Ggdivhjkjl13 ditë më parë

    That's why Australia only grants instant citizenship to children born in the country to a parent who is a citizen.

  • Ulissescars
    Ulissescars16 ditë më parë

    Rio Rico = Wealthy river or something like that.

  • Joe B
    Joe B16 ditë më parë

    How is someone in the country illegally, if they're a citizen by birth?

  • AGB
    AGB17 ditë më parë

    God bless America. Lmao

  • James
    James17 ditë më parë

    I'm surprised the IRS didn't nail all these "Americans" in Rio Rico for not paying their taxes every year - before they suddenly found out they were American and all moved to New York. Hey, with the citizenship comes certain obligations and the IRS never forgets. Oh wait, they're Mexicans, they didn't have any income before they moved to New York. Never mind.

  • Itsloading
    Itsloading17 ditë më parë

    USA stole Mexican lands

  • Itsloading


    17 ditë më parë

    @James Noice 👌🏼

  • James


    17 ditë më parë

    @Itsloading Nah, nobody makes Tacos like a Mexican, I think it's genetic.

  • Itsloading


    17 ditë më parë

    @James Make em yourself lol

  • James


    17 ditë më parë

    @Itsloading Cool, make me some tacos when you get here, Pedro.

  • Itsloading


    17 ditë më parë

    @James Not really us Mexicans are gonna become the majority in the southwest in a few decades so I'm not worried we already became the majority in California so yeah it never sucks to be México 🇲🇽

  • karar may
    karar may18 ditë më parë

    How about now what happens if person born there is he/she get American 🇺🇸 citizenship or Mexican 🇲🇽 citizenship or both

  • Hunter H
    Hunter H18 ditë më parë

    LOL I saw an ad for nebula before this video

  • Steve Carter
    Steve Carter18 ditë më parë

    1:44 that burn do

  • Raymond Arias
    Raymond Arias18 ditë më parë

    HAI, I think y'all really really need better script editors!

  • Urban Weekend Warrior
    Urban Weekend Warrior18 ditë më parë

    Ree-oh grAAAnd. Man that takes effort to not say properly, good job

  • Shannon Goins
    Shannon Goins19 ditë më parë

    Rio Rico = Rich River or possibly river of riches I'm not 100%

  • Mike McGuire
    Mike McGuire19 ditë më parë

    There is another example like this: Cordova Island (El Chamizal), which was a neighborhood in El Paso, TX up until 1964. Frequent flooding on the Rio Grande caused the border to shift, which led to dispute of to whom this piece of land actually belonged. After it was finally settled in 1964, the neighborhood became part of Mexico again, and the entire border had shifted, necessitating the construction of a whole new border bridge crossing and inspection stations.

  • josez1
    josez120 ditë më parë

    “America” is not a country...

  • josez1
    josez120 ditë më parë

    Every town in the continent of America is an American town...

  • loki_Anonymous _024
    loki_Anonymous _02420 ditë më parë

    Deserted cuz the cartel keeps it that way

  • angryadrien
    angryadrien22 ditë më parë

    Hiking enthusiasts....frickin' hilarious 😆

  • Yuri Batres
    Yuri Batres22 ditë më parë

    What? Because Mexico is not America?

  • Hector Zero
    Hector Zero23 ditë më parë

    We get it you hate white people and capitalism jeez

  • Carlo Wyatt
    Carlo Wyatt23 ditë më parë

    This guy isn't to subtle about his politics

  • derfvc derfvc
    derfvc derfvc24 ditë më parë

    Wait you have to be born in America to be a citizen right. And Rio Rico was American territory right. But how many people living there were born in the town and not a hospital near by that was in Mexico.

  • TheSatisfied Customer

    TheSatisfied Customer

    22 ditë më parë

    Probably not many born in hospitals mate

  • Brandon N
    Brandon N26 ditë më parë

    "Oh, turns out you were all Americans the entire time, and you're living in America. We'll fix that for you." "wait wait wait..."

  • Donn Baca
    Donn Baca26 ditë më parë

    "Solution number, b" favorite number!

  • Valentine Taylor
    Valentine Taylor27 ditë më parë

    5:11 Way to cause irritation with stock footage...

  • Veronika I
    Veronika I28 ditë më parë

    Wow. Can you imagine!? One day you’re Mexican and then boom USA citizen.

  • Kung Fu Jesus
    Kung Fu Jesus28 ditë më parë

    Kinda smug wokie editorial. I guess he has been exonerated for being white by his fantasy of social justice warriors. What an ass.

  • Jones
    Jones28 ditë më parë

    I am not Rich, famous or a politician and I have good health care.

  • Brantley Bilbo
    Brantley Bilbo29 ditë më parë

    Rio Grand? You mean Grande?

  • Nigel Marvin
    Nigel Marvin29 ditë më parë

    “Río Rico which translates to...” Me: Rich River “...something.” Me: oh

  • Gerson Rodriguez
    Gerson Rodriguez29 ditë më parë

    $10,000(1903) = $6,268 (2020) ? Am I missing something here? Please explain.

  • Darkhorse 64
    Darkhorse 64Muaj më parë

    I'm confused, how was the company fined $10k and adjusted for inflation is roughly $6,284.64 in 1803 $ ??

  • Zachary Hagen
    Zachary HagenMuaj më parë

    Rich river.

  • Derly Quintero
    Derly QuinteroMuaj më parë

    “Every piece in a country is part of that country” - Derly Quintero/ me

  • Jurgen Junco
    Jurgen JuncoMuaj më parë

    I hate politics with a bloody passion

  • GiggleJuice2
    GiggleJuice2Muaj më parë

    2:06 what did he mean by this?

  • Shameer
    ShameerMuaj më parë

    wow curiositystream deal is good $12/year

  • Sergio Bocanegra
    Sergio BocanegraMuaj më parë

    Everybody in the town fixer papers classic

  • Mike Jewitt
    Mike JewittMuaj më parë

    Thank god you’ve started converting to the standard unit of monetary measurement,1803 dollars.

  • J F
    J FMuaj më parë

    This is painfully unfunny

  • Kiepie Kont
    Kiepie KontMuaj më parë


  • Sofia Octoling
    Sofia OctolingMuaj më parë

    Me a mexican watching this video hey my country appears XD

  • Brice Fleckenstein
    Brice FleckensteinMuaj më parë

    ALthe ALREADY inflicts too many ads on us. Adds IN the videos ARE AN ABOMINATION. I'm getting to the point that as soon as I see an ad in a video (like THIS one) I completely ignore the video.

  • best meme compilations
    best meme compilationsMuaj më parë

    Wouldn't it just be easier to let them have dual citizenship

  • Carlos Te3ichert
    Carlos Te3ichertMuaj më parë

    This is bs

  • Michael T.
    Michael T.Muaj më parë

    "old white men" who funded and built farming in that area that benefited US and Mexico. Kinda sick of this shit. Without "old white men" we would not be as advanced as we are now.

  • El Tercero
    El TerceroMuaj më parë

    People of Rio Rico, must think I'm mexican, soy mexicano, ¡viva México! Well actually..... you're Estadounidense. Cool free passport.

  • nunya biznez
    nunya biznezMuaj më parë

    I lived in a town long ago that had as boundaries between various plots of private property, a brook. The brooks changed course multiple times over 250 years so the various properties kept changing as well. One property went from 1/2 acre to 11 acres due to this but it occurred very gradually for the most part. The quickest change was due to a flood that happened about 45 years ago and the brook cut a new path bypassing a 2 acre loop which eliminated two properties entirely giving them to a developer. That caused law suits that went on for almost 20 years. It was finally resolved and the two home owners got to keep their homes after all and the developer lost out and the town finally changed it's ordinances to exclude any future change in the course of any body of water.

  • Luke Flowers
    Luke FlowersMuaj më parë

    "This is the U.S.-Mexican Border - Home to one of the longest running games of hide-and-seek" omfg I'm gonna die

  • Rachel Roberts
    Rachel RobertsMuaj më parë

    🏔️ Nepal’s Mount Everest is welcoming climbers to restart its economy after a 7-month Covid-19 lockdown. Will they come back? WATCH:

  • Julie Mitchell
    Julie MitchellMuaj më parë

    First country south of Detroit USA is Canada - bend in the river again.

  • Julie Mitchell
    Julie MitchellMuaj më parë

    I'm wondering if 'upstate New York' regarding Mormon angel Moroni with Joseph Smith - one of them a North American Indian from a drawing shown to me - I'm wondering if Toronto Canada aka the town of York was 'upstate New York' during the War of 1812.

  • Facts over Feelings
    Facts over FeelingsMuaj më parë

    This was some anti white, anti capitalist shit. Good job!

  • Antonio Moraga
    Antonio MoragaMuaj më parë

    Rich River, it translated to Rich River.

  • shawn smith
    shawn smithMuaj më parë

    I'm kinda getting that this channel hates America?

  • Kaz Kazimierz
    Kaz KazimierzMuaj më parë

    Seems a good precedent for handing Point Roberts over to Canada.

  • Michael Friedline
    Michael FriedlineMuaj më parë

    It's weird to watch a video where not only once but twice government made the right and obvious decisions

  • Tameska Sea
    Tameska SeaMuaj më parë

    United States gives Mexico something that was already theirs

  • Warren Kazakiewich
    Warren KazakiewichMuaj më parë

    Translates to 'Rich River' actually...

  • Pato Swag
    Pato SwagMuaj më parë

    It means Rich river

  • Eclectic Music & Info
    Eclectic Music & InfoMuaj më parë

    What is the point of the gratuitous inclusion of race?

  • Kilgorio
    KilgorioMuaj më parë


  • Zoch Buppet
    Zoch Buppet2 muaj më parë

    Great job of dumbing this down and adding the essential ironic yoube "Im so dumb jolts" cant focus for a second jolts. Thanks for dragging down and dreading info to comedy cable tv level. More like more views

  • Eric Elsinger
    Eric Elsinger2 muaj më parë

    It happened to many towns from 2008-2016. Barry let them invade.

  • schoolssection
    schoolssection2 muaj më parë

    Interesting and informative, but the attempts at political humor distract.

  • Connor M
    Connor M2 muaj më parë

    “Solution number B” NO. “B” Is not a number.

  • Ronin1973
    Ronin19732 muaj më parë

    In order to cede the land both parties must agree that one party legally owned the land to legally cede it to the other. So anyone born in that town definitely has a citizenship case.

  • Thor
    Thor2 muaj më parë


  • Thor
    Thor2 muaj më parë

    That’s fine is still nothing to accompany that’s the problem with big corporations! Why do you think we have all that plastic in the middle of the ocean is because all these cruise ships and all these other ships dump their trash at sea because it cost more to bring it on the land move it to a dump truck the dump truck goes to the landfill in the landfill charges U Per pound! The fine is only 25,000 literally saving them money! This is the problem with government in George HW Bush started this stated “we are in the deregulation business “”

  • Thor
    Thor2 muaj më parë

    Why do you have to say lunch at old white guys why can’t you just say a bunch of old guys! You must be a millennial why do you think in black and white because nobody cared before your generation grew up in more manipulated by teachers and TV and the Internet in fact the 50s and 60s Black people used to dress very nicely we have a great Motown because of this everybody was getting along. I was born in 71 and everybody was getting along it wasn’t until the 2000s were all this BS started. Biggest problem in this country is not race it’s not left versus the right. And it’s not women’s rights and it’s not guns. Biggest problem in this country is government in the size of government the size of our military it literally has Quadrupled since I graduated high school in 1989. 3/4 of the national budget goes to the military 3/4 do you know how much goes to the people of the national budget 4%! So let’s get something straight no issue is more pressing than government expansion and government control

  • Thor
    Thor2 muaj më parë

    Yes the United States is very good at stealing land just like Israel well let’s get real there one in the same

  • Casey DuBay
    Casey DuBay2 muaj më parë

    der takin er townz AND er jerbz!! - some republican probably

  • jamcdonald120
    jamcdonald1202 muaj më parë

    3:00 seems a bit.... small

  • Clayton Jaros
    Clayton Jaros2 muaj më parë

    Flawless segue into your Nebula promo 👌 You just might have me there... 🤔

  • Eli
    Eli2 muaj më parë

    Sam pronouncing "grande" as "grand" pains me.

  • Douglas StPierre
    Douglas StPierre2 muaj më parë

    I love this channel, Thank you.

  • John Mayo
    John Mayo2 muaj më parë

    Come on guy. Work on your pronounciation. Streaming. NOT SH treaming. Get a clue.

  • Bill
    Bill2 muaj më parë

    WRONG at 5:00 according to US statute if your parents are not legally in America the your birth, in America, does not qualify you for citizenship. Sadly they haven't been enforcing this statute since about the time kamala Harris was born.

  • István IZSÓ
    István IZSÓ3 muaj më parë

    FYI : Rio Rico is in fact in Arizona...

  • François Bélanger Boisclair
    François Bélanger Boisclair3 muaj më parë

    After Fort Blunder, Town Blunder?

  • The Great Amida
    The Great Amida3 muaj më parë

    "Anyone born in the U.S. no matter if they're here legally or not are U.S. citizens" What? If they're born here they're legal because anyone born in the U.S. are U.S. citizens

  • Wubba Wubba
    Wubba Wubba3 muaj më parë

    4:44 Until oil is suddenly found and the US demands the land back.

  • Peggy Rider
    Peggy Rider3 muaj më parë

    My aunt and Grandma moved from Wisconsin to Rio Rico two years ago. They moved back last month. Now it makes more sense why they had to go cross the border to get there

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